List Changes

2017-06-04 Changed address of Dragon, removed Ebb of Reality, Phoenix, RetroMUD, tabidyrt due to extended downtime.
2013-01-19 (Re-)Added DarkScapes.
2011-05-09 Added RetroMUD, changed address of Apocalypse, removed MirageMUD, Link To Perfection and PuRgAtorY.
2010-07-08 Changed address of Dragon from to agrajag.rpg-works.net.
2009-04-12 Added Dragon.
2009-03-30 Added PuRgAtorY.
2009-02-20 Changed Phoenix's host and website from phoenix.betterbox.com to phoenix-mud.com. Changed Northern Lights website to http://aber.ludd.ltu.se/northern_lights.html. Removed the following MUDs due to extended downtime:
  • DarkScapes (darkscapes.xs4all.nl:6715)
  • DragonMUD II (cs1.betterbox.net:6715)
  • MystiqueMUD (mystiquemud.net,3814)
  • Promised Land (promisedland.betterbox.net:6715)
2007-07-08 Changed Phoenix's host and website from phoenix.betterbox.net to phoenix.terrabox.com.
2007-06-30 Changed DragonMUD's host from dragon.mudzone.com to cs1.betterbox.net, removed website address.
2005-09-26 Removed the following MUDs due to extended downtime:
  • Atrocity (mud.atrocity.org:6715)
  • Black Star (spludge.net:6642)
  • Nemesis (nemesis.madarch.org:7777)
  • Serenity MUD (
  • Solstice (saturn.planetmud.com:9999)
  • Storm Clouds (stormclouds.daestroke.com:6715)
  • Sussex (hollyfeld.org:6969)
  • XTC (xtc.mudservices.com:6969)
Changed the following MUDs:
2004-04-10 Changed Northern Light's domain from luth.se to ltu.se.
2004-03-23 Added Sussex (hollyfeld.org:6969).
2003-11-16 Removed the following MUDs:
  • Antropo (mud.mds.mdh.se:6715)
  • Astral Plains (www.cryosphere.org:6969)
  • Camelot (users.dimensional.com:6715)
  • Swords and Sorcery (cus.org.uk:5000)
Changed the addess of Nemesis from abreaction.com:6715 to nemesis.madarch.org:7777 and added Black Star on spludge.net:6642.
2003-05-05 Changed the address for Apocalypse from to spludge.net:6969.
2003-04-09 Changed the address for Smile from smile.silverden.com:8800 to smile.ath.cx:6715.
2003-01-25 Removed Dragon Quest and Silver Den from the list as neither seem to exist any more.
2002-12-09 Added the address for ElvenMUD's website http://elven.madarch.org/.
2002-11-24 Added the address for DarkScape's website http://www.draknetfree.com/darkscapes/.
2002-09-02 Changed ElvenMUD's address from elven.genesismuds.com to elven.madarch.org (same port of 6715).
2002-08-17 Changed Smile's address from smile.mudzone.com 6715 to smile.silverden.com 8800.
2002-08-16 Added Dragon Quest.
2002-07-26 Changed 7 Degrees Of Freedom's host from 7dof.org.uk to 7dof.org.
2002-06-04 Removed Rainbow due to extended downtime, last known address was: rainbow.brandx.net 6715
2002-05-12 Updated Cryosphere's address to cryosphere.net.
2002-04-07 Updated Nemesis' address.
2002-04-03 The following MUDs were removed due to extended downtimes:
Age of Power
Distant Nights
Disturbed Souls
Illusionary Realms

Site Changes

2019-11-09 Moved website to new server.
2017-06-04 Redesign of site.
2007-06-23 The website has been moved to a new server. To point the client at the new location just edit mudlist_client_config.txt and change the server location as follows:
change SERVER_ADDR=www.efylon.org to SERVER_ADDR=www.abermud.info
2004-04-25 Version 0.3 has been released. The only major change has been that the webpages it generates now are XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliant. The website has also been completely converted to XHTML as well, and a few minor things added (like title attributes). If you have any suggestions for improvements or even if you're happily using the system please let me know, either via the comments page or via email. Thanks!
2004-04-05 Updated the the layout of the index page to show list changes and news side by side, with the list changes first as they're more frequent.
2002-08-26 Added a link to the AberMUD category listing on the Open Directory Project. Also started work on converting the site from HTML4.1 to XHTML 1.0. I've only done a few pages at the moment but the rest shouldn't take long.
2002-06-04 Updated the the website a little: Show Me The List now actually shows the list directly, moved the old page to Examples. Also the drop down list of MUDs in Request a Change was pointing at the old server, corrected to point at the new one.
2002-05-26 Updated the link for AberMUD Central for the a address on the links page.
2002-04-28 The site was down for about a day due to an error made by my service provider, sorry about that.
2002-04-07 Jazzed up the website with new logo and navbar graphics.
2002-04-01 The server has finally been moved! To point the client at the new location just edit mudlist_client_config.txt and set the server location as follows:
2002-03-20 I have added the comments page but I haven't had a chance to change the server yet - this weekend hopefully.
2002-03-11 The mudlist server is back up now. Being somewhat unhappy with the hosts of that server I will probably move it to this server this weekend - more info to come.
2002-02-03 This website was opened
2002-01-30 Version 0.2 Released
2001-08-05 Version 0.1 Released